New Release Now Available!

It's been awhile, but I've finally managed to get out a new release. Version brings an exciting new feature to RText - syntax highlighting!

Here's what's new in Version
- VERY PRELIMINARY support for syntax highlighting. Currently
supported languages are:
1. Java
2. C
3. C++
You currently have no control over the syntax highlighting. When
you open a file with an appropriate file extension (.java, .c, etc.),
syntax highlighting will be used appropriately for that file. You
cannot currently change the color scheme used for syntax highlighting.
Word wrap is not yet supported when syntax highlighting; if you
turn on word wrap while editing a *.java/*.c/*.cpp/*.h file, you
will not be able to scroll horizontally in the file. All of these
issues will be fixed in the next couple of releases, after I ensure
that the syntax highlighting is working correctly.
- Fixed nasty bug where cut, copy and delete actions alternated
between active/inactive when the selection size grew/shrank.
- Fixed very malicious bug that slowed RText down when dealing with
files much larger than 500 kb... It has since been tested on a
2.12 MB file (representing over 60,000 lines of Java source code)
and it ran fine. Further scalability testing may come later.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-02-21

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