#33 Application Framework


Rtext ist nice...and I detected that it contains
somelthing of an generic Application Framework in the
package org.fife.ui.app...I say detected, since there
is nothing said about it on the homepage. Why not??
I think it would be really great to have a lightweight
Framework instead of only heavy ones like the Eclipse
I havent tried to use it for myself, but would like to
do it...but it seems to have several dependencies on
other parts of Rtext, which is in its totality not
clear for me at the moment...
So my Question is: Is it possible to bundle the
necessary things for an different Application?
Any hints would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Another idea: If the Application Framework is
essentially independent from Rtext and can or could be
bundled, why not release it as such..maybe as LGPL ?


  • Robert Futrell

    Robert Futrell - 2005-09-18
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Robert Futrell

    Robert Futrell - 2005-09-18

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    Yes, one day I got the crazy idea to factor out generic
    "Swing application code" from RText. The code is separated
    and you could use it in another app (in fact I'd like to do
    this very thing as a proof-of-concept), but the
    documentation just isn't there. Also, there are a couple of
    things I'd like to make a little cleaner (namely
    loading/saving preferences and Mac OSX support).

    I'm going to close this since it isn't really a bug and open
    a Feature Request in its place. We can discuss it further
    there if you like.