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xml-xalan-j-2.2.D9-1 RPMs released

* Wed Aug 13 2001 Bob Tanner
- Rev 2.2.D9

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-08-15

Sendmail-8.11.4-1 RPMs released

* Fri Aug 10 2001 Nate Carlson

- Changed in the .mc to 'localhost.localdomain'

* Fri Aug 03 2001 Nate Carlson

- Enable libmilter.

* Wed Jun 13 2001 Nate Carlson

- Removed FEATURE(`relay_based_on_MX'), used access for relay.

* Mon Jun 11 2001 Nate Carlson

- Fixed /usr/lib/sasl/Sendmail.conf

* Fri Jun 08 2001 Nate Carlson

- Updated to include /usr/lib/sasl/Sendmail.conf... read more

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-08-15

xml-xerces-j-1.4.2-1 RPMs released

* Mon Jul 23 2001 Bob Tanner <>
- Rev up to 1.4.2

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-07-24

jce-1.2.1-1 .spec file released

The JavaTM Cryptography Extension (JCE) is a set of packages that
provide a framework and implementations for encryption, key generation
and key agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC)
algorithms. Support for encryption includes symmetric, asymmetric,
block, and stream ciphers. The software also supports secure streams
and sealed objects.

JCE is designed so that other qualified cryptography libraries can be
plugged in as service providers, and new algorithms can be added
seamlessly. (Qualified providers are signed by a trusted entity.)

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-30

jlint-1.10-1 RPMs released

Jlint will check your Java code and find bugs, inconsistencies and
synchronization problems by performing data flow analysis and building lock
graphs. Jlint is able to detect syntax and semantical problems.

Antic tries to find bugs in tokens, operator precendences and statement bodies.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-28

xml-xerces-j-1.4.1-1 RPMs released

- support for all IANA encoding aliases which have a clear mapping to
encodings recognized by Java
- fixes for degradations in DTD validation performance caused by the schema
- support for setAttribute/getAttribute in JAXP
- two new parser properties permitting an application writer to associate
schema documents with specific namespaces without relying on instance

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-28

sendmail-8.11.4-1 RPMs released

* Mon Jun 11 2001 Nate Carlson <>

- Fixed /usr/lib/sasl/Sendmail.conf

* Fri Jun 08 2001 Nate Carlson <>

- Updated to include /usr/lib/sasl/Sendmail.conf

* Fri Jun 01 2001 Nate Carlson <

- Updated to Sendmail 8.11.4

* Tue Apr 24 2001 Nate Carlson <>

- Changed AUTH_OPTIONS to 'Ap' to fix bug with Exchange... read more

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-11

jswat-1.2.7-20010528 RPMs released

JSwat is an extensible, standalone, graphical Java debugger front-end,
written to use the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) package
provided by JavaSoft. The program is licensed under the GNU General
Public License and thus is freely available in binary as well as
source code form. You should also check out the page on the
Open-Source Directory.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-08

jakarta-ecs-1.4.1 RPMs released

The Element Construction Set is a Java API for generating elements for
various markup languages it directly supports HTML 4.0 and XML, but
can easily be extended to create tags for any markup language. It is
designed and implemented by Stephan Nagy and Jon S. Stevens.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-08

bsh-1.1a11-1 RPMs released

BeanShell is a small, free, embeddable, Java source interpreter with object
scripting language features, written in Java. BeanShell executes standard Java statements and expressions, in addition to obvious scripting commands and syntax. BeanShell supports scripted objects as simple method closures like those in Perl and JavaScript(tm).

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-07

mm.mysql-2.0.4-1 RPMs released

This version of the MM.MySQL driver is a beta release. BETA means that
while there are no known show-stopping bugs, the features of this driver
are still immature enough to cause the end-user to be exposed to some
level of risk when using the driver. You should only use BETA versions
of MM.MySQL if you are comfortable with the inherent risk involved with
using a BETA product.

MM.MySQL is an implemntation of the JDBC API for the MySQL relational
database server. It strives to conform as much as possible to the API
as specified by JavaSoft. It is known to work with many third-party
products, including Borland JBuilder, IBM Visual Age for Java, SQL/J,
the Locomotive and Symantec Visual Cafe.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-07

jakarta-oro-2.0.3-1 RPMs released

The Jakarta-ORO Java classes are a set of text-processing Java classes that
provide Perl5 compatible regular expressions, AWK-like regular expressions, globexpressions, and utility classes for performing substitutions, splits, filteringfilenames, etc. This library is the successor to the OROMatcher, AwkTools,
PerlTools, and TextTools libraries from ORO, Inc. ( They have
been donated to the Jakarta Project by Daniel Savarese (, the
copyright holder of the ORO libraries. Daniel will continue to participate in
their development under the Jakarta Project.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

speedbar-0.14beta1 RPMs released

Speedbar is an Emacs Lisp program which allows you to create a special skinny
frame with a specialized directory listing in it. This listing will have both
directories and filtered files in it. You can then load files into your emacs
frame, or expand the files to display all the tags that are in them and jump to
those tags. You can also expand multiple directories into your speedbar frame.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

semantic-1.4beta6-1 RPMs released

The Semantic Bovinator is a lexer, parser-generator, and parser. It is written
in Emacs Lisp and is customized to the way Emacs thinks about language files,
and is optimized to use Emacs' parsing capabilities.

The Semantic Bovinator's goal is to provide an intermediate API for authors of
language agnostic tools who want to deal with languages in a generic way. It
also provides a simple way for Mode Authors who are expert's in their language,
to provide a parser for those tool authors, without knowing anything about
those tools.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

eieio-0.17beta1 RPMs released

EIEIO is an Emacs lisp program which implements a controlled object-oriented
programming methodology following the CLOS standard. EIEIO also has object
browsing functions, and custom widget types. It has a fairly complete manual
descrbing how to use it.

EIEIO also supports the byte compiler for Emacs and XEmacs. Because of the
nature of byte compiling, EIEIO is picky about the version of emacs you are
running. It supports Emacs 19.2x+, Emacs 20.x, and XEmacs 19.1x. Byte
compiling EIEIO is VERY IMPORTANT if performance is important.... read more

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

cos-21-May2001 RPMs Released

There's no sense in reinventing the wheel--here are some servlet support
classes I wrote that you can use. Most famous is the file upload package
MultipartRequest and MultipartParser.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

jde- RPMs released

The Java Development Environment (JDE) is an Emacs Lisp package that
interfaces Emacs to third-party Java application development tools,
such as those provided by JavaSoft's Java Development Kit (JDK). The
result is an integrated development environment (IDE) comparable in
power to many commercial Java IDEs.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-06

jakarta-tomcat-4.0-20010523 released

Because of the requirements, I was able to change many of the *.jar files to be %{javalibdir}/*.jar - Start of
the security patches. Do not think it's a very good idea to have tomcat run as root, made changes to run tomcat as user
tomcat4. - Patch so javadoc build correctly. - Patch to remove the example context from server.xml - Latest snapshot
of tomcat requires jmx, jndi, and jsse, added them as secondary source files. - Found a couple issued with B5, went to
B6 build date 20010523 - Server layout in B5 changed to have a common/lib directory and tomcat wants that
directory, so created it. - Change the name to jakarta-tomcat to follow the official project name - Change from mkdir -p
to install -d (better platform support) - Used macros for build root, in case people wish to change it - Made permission
settings in 1 location. I personally like them in the %file section rather then specifing them with install --mode. -
Cleaned up setup, rpm is smart about unpacking files - Added Build dependencies, so check for a jdk is not necessary
- Formatting clean up. I use emacs and the shell-script major mode with rpm minor mode to keep a "standard" format.

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-06-04

xml-soap-2.2-1 released

Apache SOAP v2.2 has been released. It is posted on the web-site
(, and the release candidates have been removed.
There is a detailed list of changes on the site, and in the distribution.

Apache SOAP Development Team

Posted by Bob Tanner 2001-05-30