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More updates to the RealThinClient SDK are now available on the RTC Support Forums:

To stay informed about RTC SDK updates, please check RTC Forums regularly.

For peer-to-peer support, use RTC SDK Open Source Newsgroups:

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-05-28

New release on RTC website!

There was is bug in the last RTC SDK release available through SourceForge (2.81). This bug has now been fixed and is available for download from RTC Forums Download Area:

Unless you are using the SVN Repository to get the latest RTC SDK release (in which case you can continue using SourceForge to get RTC SDK updates), from now on, you will always find the latest RTC SDK Open Source release (in form of a ZIP package) only on the "RTC Download Area" on "RTC Support Forums": read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-05-21

RealThinClient SDK updates

A new update of the RealThinClient SDK is ready for download from the SourceForge SVN repository, SourceForge Download area and from the RTC Forums download area:

Sice it always costs me half an hour to an hour to make a new update available in form of a ZIP file on SourceForge, this will be the last RTC SDK update released through SourceForge. For all future RTC SDK updates, please use the RTC SDK Forums Download Area, where you will always be able to find the latest RTC SDK release: read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-05-21

NEW! RTC SDK OpenSource Newsgroups

FREE Newsgroups for discussions and peer-to-peer support related to the Open Source edition of the RealThinClient SDK are now open!

Join the Open Source RTC SDK community today by pointing your NewsReader at news:// and subscribing to the "RealThinClient.SDK.OpenSource" newsgroup.

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-05-05

RTC SDK for Linux - under development

Development on the RealThinClient SDK for Linux has started. If you would like to make sure that you get access to the new components when they are released, please make a small donation to this effort by using the "DONATE" button, which you can find on the bottom of this page:

All contributors who make their donation before the new components are finished (most likely in about 4 weeks) will get access to the new components directly upon their completion.... read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-27

RTC Support Forum registration

You want to use the Open Source version of the RealThinClient SDK and would like to be able to ask questions on RTC Support Forums?

By popular demand, we have started offering developers who do NOT have a RTC SDK license/subscription to register for write access to the RTC Support Forums, for a one-time fee of 49 EUR. Please note that there is no time or post limit on RTC Forums and that you will NOT be paying for support. The registration fee is there only to cover Forum maintenance costs.... read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-24

Removed references to Forms unit

RTC SDK 2.78 is ready for download from Downloads section and from the SVN repository. Here is the list of changes in this update:

1) Removed Forms" unit from the uses clause of the "rtcDataCli" unit. There are now no references to Controls or Forms units in the RTC SDK anymore, making it possible to use Client- and Server-side RTC SDK components in applications which may not use the Forms unit nor the Application object (like CONSOLE applications or Linux daemons).... read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-22

RealThinClient SDK for Linux

Are you interested in the RealThinClient SDK for Linux?

If yes, please read:

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-16

Extended Proxy support

RealThinClient SDK 2.77 is now ready for download, introducing extended proxy support.

Here is the list of updates in this release:

1) RtcHttpClient component extended with support for using a specific Proxy server. Using the new UserLogin.ProxyAddr and UserLogin.ProxyBypass properties of the RtcHttpClient component, you can now set up your RTC Clients to work with a specific HTTP Proxy server, without having to pre-configure WinHTTP or Internet Explorer.... read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-10

Fixed possible threading issues

RealThinClient SDK 2.76 is ready for download from the SVN repository and the download section, and here is a list of changes/fixes:

1) Fixed a possible AV on thread termination caused by calling Free from within the thread object. This fix introduces some changes in the way threads are marked for termination. Now, a thread object should never use FREE to release itself from memory from its Work method, but instead only return TRUE to signal the worker thread that it wants to be released.... read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-04-09

Forum for Open Source Discussions

A new "Open Source Discussions" section is now available on RTC Forums, which is dedicated to all developers using the Open Source RealThinClient SDK components. You can use the new Forum section to ask questions, make suggestions and run discussions about the RealThinClient SDK.

Forum registration is NOT required to post to this new Open Source forum section, which can be accessed at: read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-03-22

RealThinClient SDK-based development

Starting today, we will be offering partnerships with free direct support to component vendors who would like to create their own components using the RealThinClient SDK, as well as companies and organizations who would like to hold presentations for using the RealThinClient SDK or otherwise promote the RealThinClient SDK. For more information, please contact us directly: read more

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-02-14

RTC SDK files re-packaged

To reduce the size of the main RealThinClient SDK package file (which will often be updated), I've extracted IDE Help files (Delphi/BCB and BDS) into separate ZIP files and removed them from SVN, leaving only the main CHM file in the main package and in the SVN repository. This repackaging has reduced the main source code file from 3,8 MB to 1,6 MB and the initial SVN download by several MB.

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-01-23

RealThinClient SDK on

As you can see, the RealThinClient SDK is now available on SourceForge. IMHO, this is the best place to start forming a community of active RTC SDK developers and contributors, which will drive the components further than any single developer could.

Posted by Danijel Tkalcec 2008-01-23

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