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RealThinClient SDK - Copyright (c) Danijel Tkalcec


1.) License Agreement

2.) Install RTC SDK components

3.) Update RTC SDK components

4.) Help

5.) Demos

6.) Support


1.) License Agreement

Please read the RTC SDK License Agreement before using RTC SDK components.

You will find the RTC SDK License Agreement in the "License.txt" file.

2.) INSTALL RTC SDK components

After you have unpacked the files in a folder of your choice 
and started Delphi, open the rtcSDK package for your Delphi version:

- "rtcSDK_D4.dpk" for Delphi 4 
- "rtcSDK_D5.dpk" for Delphi 5 
- "rtcSDK.dpk" for Delphi 6 - 2007

You will find those files in the "Lib" folder.

Click the "Install" button to compile and install the package.
When compiled, you will see a message listing all components installed.

After that, from the Delphi menu, under "Tools / Environment Options", 
select the "Library" tab and add the full path to the "Lib" folder to "Library path".

3.) UPDATE RTC SDK components

Download the latest version of the RTC SDK from the RTC Support Forum:

Information about recent RTC SDK updates is in the "Updates.txt" file.

To update RTC SDK components, it's adviseable to uninstall 
the old package before installing the new package.

To uninstall RTC SDK components, after you start Delphi, 
open the menu "Component / Install Packages ..." and 
you will see a list of all packages currently installed in your Delphi. 

Scroll down to find "RealThinClient SDK" and click on it (single click). 
When you select it, click the button "Remove" and Delphi will ask you 
if you want to remove this package. When you click "Yes", RTC SDK will be uninstalled.

After that, follow step (1) to install the new RTC SDK package.

4.) Help

The best place to start learning about RTC SDK is the QuickStart guide. After going through the 
online lessons, you should also go through the QuickStart examples included in the RTC SDK package. 

Once you finish examining the QuickStart examples, I suggest browsing through the FAQ. Even if you won't 
be reading all the articles, you should at least get the feeling about the information included there. 
RTC SDK Demos are another good source of information, including a lot of examples and best practices 
for using the RealThinClient SDK. And the most extensive source of information on the RealThinClient SDK 
are Help files. Some of the information is spread across the files, but if you know which class you need, 
you will most likely be able to find what you are looking for.

When you start working on your project, the FAQ will come in handy when you have to do something 
specific (use Sessions, accept form post data, write and call remote functions, etc). The FAQ is 
continualy being extended, as more questions come in.

If you have a question for which you were unable to find the answer in the QuickStart guide, QuickStart 
examples or the FAQ … and searching through the Help files didn't give you the answers you need, don't 
hesitate to post your question(s) on Developer Support groups.

4.a) HTML Help files for Off-Line viewing

You will find HTML Help for Off-line viewing here:
- "Help\rtcHelp.chm"

4.b) Installing Help in Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7 or C++ Builder 4, 5, 6 ...

You can find the Help files for integration in older Delphi and C++ Builder version as a separate package on

After you have unpacked the files in one folder and started Delphi/BCB, open the OpenHelp window in Delphi/BCB by choosing "Help /Customize ..."

OpenHelp window will open, where you have to add the "rtcSDK.cnt" file to the "Contents" and to the "Project" tabs, and "rtcSDK.hlp" file to the "Index" and to the "Link" tab. After you've added rtcSDK to all 4 tabs, click the "Save Project" button in the OpenHelp window to save the changes. 

Saving usually takes a few seconds, but OpenHelp leaves the pop-up Window open sometimes, so it might look as if it's still doing something. After your mouse cursor changes from hourglass to a normal arrow, you can safely close the OpenHelp window (you can't close the pop-up window). In most cases, this will be enough to get access to RTC SDK Help from inside your IDE. 

In case this wasn't enough (for me, this was the case with Delphi 7, while it worked nicely for D4, D5 and D6), you will also have to delete all ".GID" files from Delphi/BCB's HELP Folder. GID files are located in the "Help" sub-folder in your Delphi/BCB installation folder. This is usually "C:\Program Files\Borland\DelphiX\Help" for Delphi and "C:\Program Files\Borland\BcbX\Help" for C++ Builder. Before deleing any files, you need to exit Delphi/BCB. 

After you have deleted all ".GID" files from your Delphi/BCB's Help folder, you should start Delphi/BCB, click on any RTC component from the components palette and press <F1>. Since you have deleted GID files, Delpi/BCB will have to recreate them, which might take a few minutes. After that, you will have access to the RTC Help from within Delphi/BCB. 

4.c) Installing Help in Delphi 2005-2007 (Borland Developer Studio 3.0-5.0) ...

You can find the Help files for integration in BDS as separate packages on

Borland Developer Studio (Delphi 2005-2007) use a different Help format and different method for installing files than older Delphi/BCB versions. 

To install RTC SDK Help for this newer versions of Delphi/BCB, there are BAT files in the RTC SDK Help folder (rtcSDKBds3_Install.bat, rtcSDKBds4_Install.bat and rtcSDKBds5_Install.bat), which you have to run once (double-click) to have the RTC SDK Help integrated into your IDE. Do this while Delphi 2005/2006/2007 (Borland Developer Studio 3.0/4.0/5.0) is closed. After the BAT file was executed, you can start Delphi/BDS, the RTC SDK Help should now be integrated in your IDE (pressing <F1> while any RTC SDK component is selected should show you the help for that component). 

5.) Demos

You can find Demos using RTC SDK components in the "Demos" folder.

You will find a "Readme_Demos.txt" file there, 
with a short description of each Demo.

6.) Support

RealThinClient SDK Open Source Newsgroups are for free peer-to-peer support:
> news://

RTC Support Forums are the main source for FAQ topics, documentation and direct support:

More information on RTC SDK: