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Imperium: Sticks version 0.1.5 released

Imperium: Sticks is a cross-platorm, real-time strategy game spanning the dawn of human history to the end of civilization.

A new version of Imperium: Sticks is out. Version 0.1.5 now allows for 8-directional sprites, art upgrades to the female worker unit, and bugfixes. This version also features updated artwork by qubodup and some much, much appreciated help by victor_yang. Thanks, folks!

Posted by Caerwyn 2008-06-13

Imperium: Sticks welcomes victor_yang

Imperium: Sticks welcomes victor_yang to the project. victor_yang brings excellent coding and experience to the game, and we should all see a big leap in quality now that they're on board! :)

Folks, if you can, please give victor_yang a "Good to see yez, yeah?" in the forums as welcome.

Posted by Caerwyn 2008-04-15

Imperium: Sticks v0.1.4 released

Version 0.1.4 of Imperium: Sticks has been released. This release features a greatly improved granular pathfinder, some artwork updates, and many major bugfixes.

Posted by Caerwyn 2008-03-04

Imperium: Sticks v0.1.3 released

Version 0.1.3 of Imperium: Sticks is out. This version features new gender-based civilization choices affecting unit costs, more translations, updated artwork and bugfixes.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-12-20

Imperium: Sticks version 0.1.2 released

Version 0.1.2 of Imperium: Sticks has been released. This version includes upgrades to the game- and mini-map, as well as some bug fixes.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-11-07

Imperium: Sticks v0.1.1 released

Version 0.1.1 of Imperium: Sticks has been released. This version features improvements to the techtree, changes to the pathfinding algorithms, and many bugfixes to the map, widget system, and further description translation to French.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-10-24

Imperium: Sticks v0.1 releassed

Version 0.1 of Imperium: Sticks has been released. This version implements the sound thread and fixes a number of memory leaks.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-09-19

Imperium: Sticks version 0.0.11 released

Version 0.0.11 of Imperium: Sticks has been released. Version 0.0.11 features a new start screen, the beginnings of internationalization of text, and the beginnings of a new widget system.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-08-09

Imperium: Sticks new release shortly

Version 0.0.11 of Imperium:Sticks will be released shortly as the last few bugs from the revision of the start screen are tracked down and eliminated...or masked.

Version 0.0.11 will feature a new start screen to replace the original placeholder, beginnings of internationalization, use of the SDL_TTF library for generic text and enhancements to the internal text manager for specialized text and characters, and a Mac OSX binary package... once I finish figuring out how PackageBuilder works.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-07-30

Imperium: Sticks version 0.0.10 released

Sticks of the Empire has been renamed to Imperium: Sticks, and version 0.0.10 has been released.

Version 0.0.10 is a prerelease of version 0.1, featuring a new technology tree system, and sliding display panels to display game information.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-06-01

Third Sticks of the Empire v0.1 snapshot released

A third snapshot of v0.1 of Sticks of the Empire has been released for review. This version is mostly a bugfix release, with a minor change to the game interface.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-04-02

Second Sticks of the Empire v0.1 snapshot released

A second snapshot of the upcoming v0.1 of Sicks of the Empire has been released. This version fixes many of the bugs present in the previous version, improves upon obstacle avoidance and pathfinding, and improves upon the framework to add new resources, units, and research technologies.

Still under development is the base AI improvements, sound, directed research structure improvements, and network synchronization.... read more

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-02-26

Sticks of the Empire v0.1 snapshot released

A snapshot of the pending version 0.1 is released. This is close to what the base engine will be, and once finished, content will start to be added.

This release features improved obstacle avoidance, improved granular pathfinders, a system to research upgrades and new units, and a system to add new units easily.

As always, bug reports and feedback welcome.

Posted by Caerwyn 2007-01-19

Bug reports wanted

I'm working on wrapping up version 0.1, which will be the complete base engine before I start adding content, and I'd like to have it as bulletproof as possible. To that end, I'd sure like to get some feedback and bug reports on the current release. If you download v0.0.9, please feel free to contact me at caerwyn AT with anything you might want to let me know - bugs, problems running the game, ideas for the future. I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by Caerwyn 2006-12-02