• Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup) is supposed to help translating yes? Set it up already =)

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-12-31

      Heh. I'd forgotten about Launchpad. I've retried the code import; everything else seems to be tied to that, so when (if!) the import happens successfully, we're in business! :)

      I guess it's also time to get back to the code, now that the holidays are just about done, too, yeah? :)

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2008-01-06

      OK! Code's been imported successfully, now to figure out how to create the translation templates from it.

    • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

      is it ready yet?is it ready yet?is it ready yet?is it ready yet?is it ready yet?

      (the launchpad integration)

      (ok, I can see that it isn't ^^)

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2008-02-08

      I need to do some more reading on the Launchpad site; they want the files as templates with a .po extension? I gotta dig deeper, I'm not sure what they're after...


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