• Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

    Is the map supposed to be flat? are there supposed to be levels sometime? If it's not an easy thing to implement them, I'd just stick with a flat map.

    If it's staying flat, which elements could make maps more 'interesting'?

    I'm thinking of sand/deserts which would contain palms, which would be rare and maybe not holding that much wood as normal trees do.

    Moors could slow units down and be unsuitable for building on them.

    Any other ideas?

    By the way: since we have svg files, how about making the size of a ressource indicating the ammount of ressource it holds? =) ...different graphics might be better for that matter though.

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-11-29

      The plan is to keep the map flat for the time being, but to add different terrain types down the road. The framework is in place to add different terrain types, but the ability to assign movement costs/food production modifiers, and the like is not yet in place. What's missing is the algorithm to sensibly generate terrain areas based on geographic location.

      I'd also like to have the resources indicate the amount left; since I can't draw all that well, I haven't done that to now, but the code can be extended fairly easily to handle resource shrinkage. In fact, I'll be starting that with the chicken unit, and hope to extend it to the tree units afterwards.

    • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

      "As the chicken gets eaten more and more, it stays alive and unharmed, but shrinks in size" ^^

      I have an idea for iron/gold, the less resources are there, the less golden/silver spots will remain. Same could be done for fish swarms. Trees could loose branches. (not that they have any atm..) Fields could become less 'populated'.

      Of course the player must be allowed to manipulate the map-gen alg, but as a civ-player you most probably know this =]

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-12-04

      Right! All I need is the artwork. :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      my little proposal for tree :

      its "wesnoth-like" artwork

    • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

      That wasn't me just them ^^ (I'll log in from now on..)

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-12-05

      @qubodup: no worries, mate.

      @anonymous: looks good to add as an alternate image; I've been looking for a secondary (and tertiary, etc) image for the trees..also for the oil and animals. What's the copyright on the image?

    • tijutiju

      tijutiju - 2007-12-05

      @both: sorry was me without log
      @qubodup: if you prefer, i'll make a separate post
      for the copyright? i dont know. something like Creative Commons, something like free anyway, i didnt thinking about, i just made it.

      ps: svg is needed?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ^^ that was me just then

    • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

      oh come on sourceforge!

    • tijutiju

      tijutiju - 2007-12-08

      ok, i said this specific piece of work is licensed under the WTFPL license ;)
      and i made it with gimp (or any bitmap editor) in 5 minutes, i looked the graphic method of "battle for wesnoth" and i tried to do the same
      i'll try to do the same with inkscape if you want, but i havent many time

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-12-10

      Don't worry about it, mate. I'll take it however I can get it. SVG, as qubodup rightly points out, makes it easier to resize if it needs to be, but no worries. I can't use Inkscape very well myself; heck, I can barely use the GIMP, you can tell.

      I've pulled the image, and I'll work it in. I've been away for a bit, so it may take a week or two.

    • tijutiju

      tijutiju - 2007-12-16

      another proposal for mountain. looks good but too big, maybee like that :


      and who did you make french translation? i dont speak very well english and I feel very limited to communicate

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2007-12-17

      Thanks for the links, mate. For now, though, I'm going to stick with qubodup's images, as they match the current artwork better.

      Et, j'ecrire la francaise, mais francais n'est pas ma premiere langue.


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