My Feedback: scrolling, ESC

  • Peter Schaefer

    Peter Schaefer - 2008-07-19

    - As the scrolling is triggered only when the middle mouse button is down, it might as well start scrolling when it goes over the line to the bottom menu bar.

    - I tried to cancel building a building with ESCape and the game simply ended. There should be a confirmation box when you exit the game.

    - there is no tech tree yet / also of researched techs

    - hotkeys! C for cente runit, dot . for idle worker, comma , for idle military unit

    - the graphics looks good so far

    • Caerwyn

      Caerwyn - 2008-09-15

      Thanks for the feedback, mate. Now that Imperium: Sticks is back in development, the techtree and new units are the main priority for now. A dialog box to confirm the game ending will make it in before version 0.2, but it would make it in a lot faster if someone would design it first... :)

      Thanks for trying it out!

    • Fraker

      Fraker - 2008-10-05

      Yes I had also realized the problem with the ESC key
      and I wanted to reported it but was then that I saw this feedback.
      I am gonna see what can I do with the design and may come up
      with some useful ideas.

      Keep on.  


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