RealTimeBattle Team Framework Release 1.0 ready

While the official release of RealTimeBattle 1.0.7 will be in the next two weeks, the source parts of the framework are already complete, so we can release them now.
The biggest changes made in comparison to the first full working release are the autoconfiscation steps taken to automate the configuration and installation of the software package.
If you specify the same prefix for configure as for RealTimeBattle itself, this package will install its sample robots in the correct places.
Configuration and deployment of the robots is done via scripts, so that you do not have to write your own configuration and wrapper files for the framework components any longer (if you like, you can proceed with this option of course).
Please note that this release only includes the sources and configure scripts, additional information (tutorials, online help, etc) will be shipped in the RTB 1.0.7 release and later releases of this package (you can find these resources on our web site as well).
Please also note, that you need a patch for the RealTimeBattle server in order to use this software, this patch is included in the first working release and will be applied in the RTB 1.0.7 release as well.
A last hint: Use absolute coordinates for the robots written with this framework, otherwise they won't work.

Have a lot of fun!

Johannes Nicolai

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-12-04

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