Finaly ready to start!

  • Nick Ing-Simmons

    I have finished recoding the core synth to avoid the copyright issues with
    the original.

    So I am now more-or-less ready to upload sources - if anyone is listening.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-06-15

      I'm listening, anyways you didnt publish anything...
      Is the project dead?

    • Mikhail T.

      Mikhail T. - 2005-10-11

      Ping! Anybody here? I just updated the FreeBSD port ( and wanted to check for new releases...

    • Kriss Daniels

      Kriss Daniels - 2005-12-04

      This seems to be the most lively place :)

      Unless you know anywhere else.

      I'm curious what the "copyright issues with 
      the original" are.

      The only rsynth stuff I can find seems to be a decade or so old and doesn't seem to have much in the way of licensing.

    • Mark Senn

      Mark Senn - 2005-12-12

      Anyone have rsynth source that will compile under
      Redhat Enterprise Linux 4?

      I'm working on software to modify the Elements parameters
      but am having trouble compiling a new version of say.

    • Nick Ing-Simmons

      Yes it is quiet - as nobody has asked much I haven't
      had a need to reply.

      The sources in CVS should build on RHEL4.

      • Nick Ing-Simmons

        There is now a release -  2005-12-16 which is
        .tar.gz of current sources.

        It has a ./configure and should build on linuxes
        of various types. The configure has some OLD
        support for other UNIX-like OSes as well.


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