For the record: Version 1.11 .msi installer works fine and I tested the "do not abort on error" feature with a couple of test cases (open files, illegal filenames), and it works as expected.

However: for anyone who (for some strange reason like my own) wants to get out of "DLL hell", I have what is essentially version 1.11 compiling with VS8.

2008/6/27 Julian <>:
Yep, the problem seems to be with something called WinSxS (side by side) that's handled by the msi. (it looks horrible).

Any chance of making available the compiled exe before it is bundled into the msi? It should work like that I guess.. I think it would make things much simpler with my setup.


2008/6/26 Shachar Shemesh <>:

Julian wrote:
Hi Shachar.. hope I'm not disturbing your vacation... if so, you may ignore this until you return, as it is not really urgent!
Allow me to reassure you that, urgent or not, I would never interrupt my vacation for such a thing. That's why it's called "vacation".

Anyway I noticed that on Windows:
if I copy the new rsyncrypto.exe file (V1.11) into a directory with all my scripts etc..(without installing the msi) I get a "The system cannot execute the specified program" error at the command line.

A quick google search shows that this is generally a DLL problem.. I noticed the argtable2.dll is newer than previous versions (and smaller in size), but copying this over does not fix the problem.

What does fix the problem is installing the msi into "Program Files\Rsyncrypto"...
now the "other" exe now begins to work from the original place... Uninstall the msi and the problem returns.

For information purposes, can you inform me of the exact dependencies of the "rsyncrypto.exe" program to run?
Apologies if this has been implied from the previous posts about upgrading to the new Visual Studio etc...
One of the great tragedies of the way Visual Studio is increasingly behaving is that it doesn't matter whether you wrote the program or not. You still don't understand its requirements. Visual Studio calculates them automatically for you and leaves you out of the picture.

I don't know why it didn't work for you. Maybe some internal MSI dependencies, maybe something else. Whatever it is, I have given up fighting it.