Hi Shachar,

Hope you are OK!!

I have run into a small (but for me, big!) problem whereby on windows, the following works:

C:\> rsyncrypto -rcv --delete "C:\FILES\XYZ\Documents\Malta 123" "C:\Encrypted\files" "C:\Encrypted\keys" backup.crt

but the following does not (just the dest drive is differnent):

C:\> rsyncrypto -rcv --delete "C:\FILES\XYZ\Documents\Malta 123" "E:\Encrypted\files" "E:\Encrypted\keys" backup.crt

and I get:
mkdir failed(E:): Input/output error

I have tried different drives, drive letters, permissions etc... but to no avail. It seems that any letter other than "C:" is rejected.

At this point it would be really important for me to be able to backup to an external drive.

Any clue why this may be happenning?

Best regards