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From: Julian Pace Ross <julian.paceross@gmail.com>
Date: 25-Jan-2007 18:45
Subject: Re: Please verify 1.01
To: Shachar Shemesh <shachar@shemesh.biz>

yep renamed as zip and extracted...in fact i can see "rsyncrypto1.02testing" when called without args, and moreover the first case listed didn't work with 1.01.
I am using XP Pro SP2
I can imagine that this is quite frustrating for you.
If there is anything you need me to try, just shove it over, be happy to.

On 25/01/07, Shachar Shemesh < shachar@shemesh.biz> wrote:
Julian Pace Ross wrote:
> This now works:
> C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv "c:\testdir" "c:\testdir2"
> "c:\testdir3" backup.crt
> as does this:
> C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv ../testdir ../testdir2
> ../testdir3 backup.crt
> but this doesn't:
> C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv \testdir \testdir2 \testdir3
> backup.crt
> However, with the first and second cases, there's now again that
> problem with re-encrypting the whole thing again if the command is
> given again straight after (I believe this was what happened with 1.00)
I'm not seeing that problem any more. All three forms of invocation work
for me, and honor the -c flag. Can you, please, double check that you
are using the version in the ".zia" file?