This now works:
C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv "c:\testdir" "c:\testdir2" "c:\testdir3" backup.crt
as does this:
C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv ../testdir ../testdir2 ../testdir3 backup.crt
but this doesn't:

C:\rsyncryptotest> rsyncrypto102.exe -rcv \testdir \testdir2 \testdir3 backup.crt
However, with the first and second cases, there's now again that problem with re-encrypting the whole thing again if the command is given again straight after (I believe this was what happened with 1.00)

On 25/01/07, Shachar Shemesh <> wrote:
Julian Pace Ross wrote:
> If you need me to try anything else just let me know.
yes. I would love it if you could test rsyncrypto 1.02testing (attached
compiled and as a patch against 1.01) and see whether it works for you.
It seems that this "stat" rewrite is not going at all smoothly.


it seems that sourceforge blocks all emails that have an attachement
with the "zip" extension. Rather than ask them to change it, I have
cunningly changed the extension of the relevant files. I will leave it
up to you to solve the riddle of which of the attached files was
renamed, and what to.

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