Hi Shachar
sorry for the delay, I was away.
>> First, if you have a batched set of tests, I would love it if you could
>> send it so that it will be included in the official package.
Not really.. just a set of scribbled notes to help me remember.  Have been wanting to organise them into a test script for some time, and will definitely share it once its done.
Regarding the cannot stat error, I tried a simple test on XP. I renamed the executables rsyncrypto101 and rsyncrypto019 in the same directory. This is what happens: (note that testdir2 and testdir3 do not yet exist before I start).
C:\rsyncryptotest>rsyncrypto101.exe -rcv --delete \testdir \testdir2 \testdir3 backup.crt
stat failed: No such file or directory
Trying exactly the same thing with 0.19:

C:\rsyncryptotest>rsyncrypto019.exe -rcv --delete \testdir \testdir2 \testdir3 backup.crt
Encrypting \testdir\November0 2004.rar
Encrypting \testdir\November1 2004.rar
Encrypting \testdir\November2 2004.rar
Encrypting \testdir\November3 2004.rar
Encrypting \testdir\November4 2004.rar .... and so on

Trying this immediately after (with all 3 dirs now existing) with 1.01 still gives the same error.

I tried with without --delete and the other args with the same results.

If you need me to try anything else just let me know.