Hi Shachar,
First of all thanks for the great news and release.
I am playing around with rsyncrypto 1.0 and have run into the following problem.
Running the following command on WinXP:
rsyncrypto -rcv --delete "C:\Dir1\..."  "C:\Dir2\..."  "C:\keysdir" backup.crt
This works fine, but running it consecutively, all the files get encrypted again.
On the other hand, running the exact same command with rsyncrypto 0.19, a second run ends immediately with no output due to the '-c' argument, which is the expected behaviour.
Running the command with 0.19 exactly after a run with 1.0 also results in all the files getting encrypted again.
Am I missing something that changed?
On 12/01/07, Shachar Shemesh <shachar@shemesh.biz> wrote:
Yes, you read that right. 1.0

I decided that rsyncrypto was stable enough, and with acceptable
performance enough, to justify calling it " 1.0". It's not that there is
not more we can do, but it is usable enough as is.

New to this release is the solution to the "decrypt files larger than
4GB on Windows" bug. The problem did not happen on Unix (or, at least,
Linux) due to the correct tests being performed in configure, but
windows was not that lucky.

What the future holds:
First, I would like to see if we can further improve performance by
consolidating the encryption functions into a single call into openssl.
I'm not sure how much of an improvement it is realistic to expect, though.

Second, there are, already, plans for rsyncrypto 2.0. I will probably
create a branch Real Soon Now(tm). The main things currently planned for
rsyncrypto 2:

   * Dispensing with the need for an external gzip. The compression
     will be integrated into the program.
   * Storing meta-data inside the encrypted stream (permissions,
     ownership, timestamps, and anything else that may be relevant).
   * Storing the key header in a repeatable way
   * Support working as a filter (cat file | rsyncrypto | something else)

Unfortunately, some/all of the above require changes to the encrypted
file format, which has not changed for almost a year. I'm not yet sure
how to best handle backwards compatibility. I may have an executable
that can decrypt rsyncrypto 1 files, but not encrypt them, or I may call
the exe "rsyncrypto2" and have it call "rsyncrypto". Jury's still out.

Also, some of the things planned for rsyncrypto may go into the "1"
branch. These include:

   * Using encrypted RSA private keys
   * Working without a symmetric key file, using only the encrypted file

If you have any more features you want included, now is the time to list


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