Hi Shachar,
I am trying to compile rsyncrypto on Win32 using a Borland compiler in order to be able to experiment further with the Win32 performance.
Everything seems to be compiling OK till now, except for the following three similar errors:
In crypto.cpp line 228:
        new_header=std::auto_ptr<key>(decrypt_header( fromfd, prv ));
is giving the error:
[C++ Error] crypto.cpp(228): E2285 Could not find a match for 'std::auto_ptr<key>::operator =(std::auto_ptr<key>)'
I am also getting the exact same error in crypt_key lines 21 and 38.
When I comment out these 3 lines, the rest seems to compile OK, so I am nearly there I think.
I would greatly appreciate any hints you might have.