1) OK, understood. Could this be the same case for rsync too? (I sometimes use a cygwin compiled version with some patches)
2) I know about -b, I mean default value if none specified (cant seem to find it)
3) Any news about using VTunes evaluation version?

On 18/11/06, Shachar Shemesh <rsyncrypto@shemesh.biz> wrote:
Julian Pace Ross wrote:

> Hi Shachar,
> I have a couple of queries regarding Windows usage:
> 1) when I compile rsyncrypto-0.18 with cygwin, the resulting
> executable is much larger (1.11Mb)... I'm not sure if this is normal.
> I also realised that this executable is around 7 times slower (both
> running simply on windows command line, not cygwin) than the
> precompiled rsyncrypto-0.18 as downloaded from the site. Maybe this
> can be a clue as to where the Win performance loss might be?
No. It just means that cygwin applications are much slower than native
Win32 applications. Rsyncrypto has a native Win32 port, and though it
does compile cleanly on Cygwin, it is recommended to use that. The SF
download has a native Win32 binary (that also works with Win32 path
names, \ separated and all).
> 2) When encrypting with the symmetric key, is AES128 or 256 used?
RTFM "-b".
> Thanks
> Julian