Hi Shachar,

Today I have finally found some time to play around with rsyncrypto, and I have a couple of simple questions if you dont mind.

I am using a 1024 bit X509 certificate for the encryption, and I am performing some tests on a test folder which is around 5Mb in size.

Encryption and decryption work fine. I noticed that encryption of the whole 5Mb takes around 30s, during which CPU is at a constant 100%. (I have a P4 1.7G on a laptop (win XP)).
During decryption, CPU is also at 100% but the duration is around a third (10sec).
Is this the behaviour to be expected?
If it is the case, its probably OK for me, although if I have to encrypt say 1Gb from scratch it would mean around 1hr 40 mins with CPU at 100%!!!
Maybe there are ways (using different types of keys etc..) that I can do to speed up the process?

Another question.. this is the command I'm running from the command line:
C:\rsyncrypto-0.17>rsyncrypto -rcv --delete \testdec \testenc \rsyncrypto-0.17 mykey.crt

Something strange happens: I find the encrypted files in the dst directory (testenc). But I also find a copy of all that I encrypted in \rsyncryptp- 0.17, which is the "keysdir".

Also, i tried doing a "cold" decryption, using a similar command line above (switching the src and dst, and adding -d) with mykey.key instead of mykey.crt. However I am getting a GPF.

Finally, just a curiosity... in my language (Maltese) Shemesh means "sun"... is it the same at your end? :)