Thank you very much for solving this bug.

David V.

On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Shachar Shemesh <> wrote:
Julian wrote:
> Hi Shachar,
> Hope you are OK!!
> I have run into a small (but for me, big!) problem whereby on windows,
> the following works:
> C:\> rsyncrypto -rcv --delete "C:\FILES\XYZ\Documents\Malta 123"
> "C:\Encrypted\files" "C:\Encrypted\keys" backup.crt
> but the following does not (just the dest drive is differnent):
> C:\> rsyncrypto -rcv --delete "C:\FILES\XYZ\Documents\Malta 123"
> "E:\Encrypted\files" "E:\Encrypted\keys" backup.crt
> and I get:
> mkdir failed(E:): Input/output error
> I have tried different drives, drive letters, permissions etc... but
> to no avail. It seems that any letter other than "C:" is rejected.
> At this point it would be really important for me to be able to backup
> to an external drive.
> Any clue why this may be happenning?
Because MS has not heard of "documenting what you do" or "API
consistency". Then they complain that people do odd stuff in their
programs, which MS has to support in future versions. They brought it on

Anyways, the problem is now solved in SVN. I'm hoping to release a new
version fairly soon.


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