Hi Shachar,

The answer is actually in the archives.

Yes, I found it now.
I switched to a new compiler (Visual Studio 9), and it requires runtime libraries that can only be installed with an installer. As such, I switched the entire distribution to an installer based one.

Is there a way to make rsyncrypto portable the way it was up to the version 1.06? For me it is OK if I install it on my machine at home, but then I would like to use it also at work where I have no admin rights to install it properly. I try to copy the files from the folder where the rsyncrypto was installed on my local machine, but this cause an execution errors.
Do feel free to compile the program yourself with a compiler that does not have such strict runtime libraries requirements.

I'm afraid that this is bit too much for my skills. I try to compile it using a MinGW package, but it was not successful as it is requires lot of dependent libraries. I try to compile it under Cygwin, but it is bit too much to carry around on the USB stick justo to have the rsyncrypto.