Hello Frederico,

On 16/03/14 00:48, Frederico Rodrigues Abraham wrote:
Hi all.
My rsyncrypto started crashing ... I'm decrypting directories with 
filename encryption.
By "started crashing", I'm assuming you mean it did work before. Can you say what changed?

Let's start with some background material. What version of rsyncrypto are you using (run rsyncrypto --version)? Is it the standard one provided by the distribution? What command line are you using? (it is okay to fudge the directory names, if those are sensitive). What is the precise error message?

Is it possible for someone to help me investigating this? Without the 
need for me to send the actual data?
I can certainly try.
An executable with debugging information maybe? I'm running on Ubuntu 
Linux 13.10.
Perform the following tasks to build one (assuming you are running the distribution's binary):
create a clean directory and cd to it
sudo apt-get build-dep rsyncrypto
apt-get source rsyncrypto
cd rsyncrypto-<version>

your work directory should have a non-stripped (i.e. - with debug info) version of the file. Use it. Make sure to run "ulimit -c unlimited" first. After crash, a file called "core" should be created. Run "gdb <path to>/rsyncrypto core", type "bt", and paste the output here. This will provide a backtrace of the point of the crash.

Hopefully, I can try and help you more after that.