Hi Durham,

I usually don't make comments about such things, but the font you are using is extremely ill suited for deciphering technical information. Please help me try to help you.

Durham Computer Solutions Inc. wrote:
I am running rsyncrypto under windows/cygwin, to encrypt
and then using rsync/cygwin to rsync to another box runinng
rsyncserver (under windows/cygwin)
Are you running a native Windows rsyncrypto, or the cygwin one? I'll just add that, while I'm aware that a cygwin port of rsyncrypto is, theoretically, possible with the current sources, I have never tested it.
rsync works fine if I don't encrypt with rsyncrypto
Does rsyncrypto work fine if you do not try to run rsync? In other words, do the files you encrypt decrypt correctly locally?
If I encrypt with rsyncrypto and then rsync the resulting
files, I get rename errors:
examples of some of the errors:
rsync: rename "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Application Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/.monitor.mdb.LNK.HHGv2l" (in os) -> "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Application Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/monitor.mdb.LNK": No such file or directory (2)
I am unfamiliar with this error.

Please do an "ls -l" (from cygwin) of the directory, both with the original and with the encrypted files.

Also, please post the full rsyncrypto and rsync command line you are using.
they all seem to windows .lnk (shortcut) files
Are they?
If I look at the properties of the encrypted .lnk files before sending,
I get "This is not a valid shortcut"
Is that the link before or after rsyncrypto encrypts it?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.