Milton Calnek wrote:
Shachar Shemesh wrote:
Milton Calnek wrote:
  On the last call to aes_key::encrypt_block(), size is less than 16,
for some reason
AES_cbc_encrypt() has a seg fault when size is not the block size.

There are two options. The first is that rsyncrypto relies on openssl to
pad the size, or it does so itself. Off the top of my head, I find it

I'll agree with you here... rsyncrpto passes a block of the proper size
to AES_cbc_encrypt(). The problem I see is that we are reading the bytes read
and passing that a the size of the block... when in fact the block is a fixed

Ok, this is the kind of omission I'm actually likely to do. I'll have a look at it when I have some time (which, unfortunately, will not be soon :-( ). If you can send a patch, or at least send the line number in which this happens, that will be most helpful.
I haven't actually read the buffer.get() yet, so I'm not entirely sure
about what I just wrote.


Yea: I have 0.9.8g repackaged.


Shachar Shemesh
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