Milton Calnek wrote:
Hi all,

I was starting to use rsyncrypto when my distro updated from openssl-0.9.8b to openssl-0.9.8e.
Once that happens, rsyncrypto dumps core.

1st question: are any of you using openssl-0.9.8c or newer?

I've tracked the problem down to a call to AES_cbc_encrypt() in aes_crypt.cpp:99.
rsyncrypto dumps core when there is part of a file left and we are trying to encrypt a
block that is less than 16 chars.

I'm going to try using a static block of 16 chars to see if that gets me past the seg fault.

Debian Lenny currently carries openssl 0.9.8g, and rsyncrypto compiles and runs without a hitch there. Maybe it's a specific problem to your version?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.