First, I use a patched rsync currently that can rsync open pst files and am looking to implement it with sql and exchange databases.  Here’s the link  Can that be implemented into rsyncrypto?


Second, is it possible or do you plan on making on the fly encryption with rsync possible?  That would be awesome.  My idea is that rsyncrypto encrypts the file then commands rsync to transfer, when it’s done, the encrypted file on the source system is deleted and it moves to the next file.  It could automatically use the source dir for the temp file location and the dest dir in the command option for the dest of the rsync.  I think that would address the last posters problem about installing a second drive.


Finally, in one of the posts, someone asked how to use it and you mentioned there was a link to examples and tutorials on the man page.  I can’t find them, do you have a direct link?  My problem is with the key.  I’ve generated a password protected .pem file from openssl and assume that goes in for the key but I’m not sure what to use for the “master key”.


Thanks for the great program and keep up the good work.  I too see this as being a staple in many IT professional’s arsenal.  I know I will be passing the word along.


Stephen Zemlicka

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