I am running rsyncrypto under windows/cygwin, to encrypt
and then using rsync/cygwin to rsync to another box runinng
rsyncserver (under windows/cygwin)
rsync works fine if I don't encrypt with rsyncrypto
If I encrypt with rsyncrypto and then rsync the resulting
files, I get rename errors:
examples of some of the errors:
rsync: rename "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Application Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/.monitor.mdb.LNK.HHGv2l" (in os) -> "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Application Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/monitor.mdb.LNK": No such file or directory (2)

rsync: rename "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Recent/.email2db.lnk.2JotZb" (in os) -> "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Recent/email2db.lnk": No such file or directory (2)

rsync: rename "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Recent/.monitor.mdb.lnk.VyY2o9" (in os) -> "df/ed/c/Documents and Settings/ed/Recent/monitor.mdb.lnk": No such file or directory (2)

they all seem to windows .lnk (shortcut) files
If I look at the properties of the encrypted .lnk files before sending,
I get "This is not a valid shortcut"
any ideas?