Hi All,


Just like to say thanks to Shachar for the latest version. It has cut the encryption time down at one of our members sites (medical practice) from eight hours to less than one. The site has ~14GB of data.






From: Julian Pace Ross [mailto:julian.paceross@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 4:15 AM
To: Shachar Shemesh
Cc: L-rsyncrypto
Subject: dir trimming


Hi Shachar,


I am performing exactly the following command:


rsyncrypto -rcdv

"C:\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\testing decryption"

"C:\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\Decrypted Files"

"C:\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\Decrypted Keys"

backup.key (or.crt)


What is happening is that under the new folder "Decrypted Files" I am getting the full directory structure of the source again, so that I end up with a path as follows:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\Decrypted Files\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\testing decryption"


whereas I would want:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Julian\Desktop\Decrypted Files\testing decryption"


According to the man page, if I understood correctly, this should happen.

I can obviously use --trim, but I would rather avoid it.

Any hints?