Dear list,


I have this little problem with rsyncrypto right now, it is the following situation. I want to store my encrypted files, keys, certificate and rsyncrypto binaries on my D drive.


I only have the encrypted file “d:\test\EncFiles\routers pass.txt”, and no key file (so the certificate is used for decryption).


But when I am in c:\ (see the output below) rsyncrypto gives me an error message, indicating that it cannot do an mkdir ? Note that the directory “c:\test\ClearFiles” exists.


After jumping into “c:\test” it decrypts my file successfully.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Warm regards,




===== BEGIN OUTPUT =====

C:\>"d:\test\rsyncrypto\rsyncrypto.exe" -d "D:\test\EncFiles\routers pass.txt" "c:\test\ClearFiles\routers pass.txt" "D:\test\Keys\routers pass.txt" "D:\test\Certificate\cert.key"

mkdir failed(c:): Input/output error


C:\>cd test


C:\test>"d:\test\rsyncrypto\rsyncrypto.exe" -d "D:\test\EncFiles\routers pass.txt" "c:\test\ClearFiles\routers pass.txt" "D:\test\Keys\routers pass.txt" "D:\test\Certificate\cert.key"




===== END OUTPUT =====