#5 Browser Settings

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A possible feature for the browser setup, is to have
RSS viewer use the system default browser.

Keep the customisable option but have a check box to
use the system default.

For windows...
rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler http://www.domain.com

For Unix.. If netscape is present
netscape -remote openURL(http://www.domain.com)

Mac is a little more involved..

There is some info on the subject
and also a BrowserLauncher Class done by "Eric Albert"
of stanford.

Of course this will introduce platform specific code,
but uses the exec() command which is still pure Java.
It would add a little in ability to run from the word
go with less configuring.
Also for a mozilla user like myself, the use of this
code opens up the url in the current browser window
rather than opening up a whole new browser window. Much
better for tabbed browsers and also keeps down the
number of opened windows for non tabbed browsers.


  • Matthias Schmidt

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    Hi Dan,

    to fire up the systems default browser under MacOSX you only need to
    use the command "open" and your done.

  • Christoph Walcher

    • status: open --> closed
  • Christoph Walcher

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    Fixed in version 2.0


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