RSSOwl 2.0 RC1 now available

After years of hard work, we are proud to announce the first release candidate of what will become the final 2.0 release. The list of noteworthy cool new features is long. Some of the highlights are:

* Change the displayed Columns and Sorting per feed
* Modify News from the Embedded Browser
* Fully Customizable Toolbar
* Powerful Import and Export of Feeds and Settings
* Share Feeds and News with others
* Support for Podcasts
* Automatic Discovery of Feeds via Keyword or from a Website
* More Search Options
* Fully Integrated Application Update

Our plan is to make 2.0 generally available in the following months. Thanks to the integrated update feature, you will automatically be notified once we provide the next release candidate.

We welcome any feedback on this release. Either send us a mail or create a record at

Visit for more information on how to obtain this release.


Posted by Anonymous 2009-09-21

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