Quiet Cool - 2013-02-25


Right now, RSSOwl handles all file attachment / enclosure downloads. There's no way to download attachments in your browser, or an external download manager.

The problem is, video and audio podcast feeds have file attachments from 100-300MB. Normally, I'd download such big files in my trusty download manager, which makes it easy to resume a broken or interrupted download. But unless I'm mistaken, there's no way to handle RSSOwl downloads in my web browser or external download client.

I can't even right click and copy the link to the attachment. If I do, I get something like this:


While if I loaded the same RSS feed into Firefox, I can right-click and copy the link to that very attachment:


So downloads are pretty much trapped within RSSOwl, with no way to even find out the real location of the files and manually download them another way.

Please consider adding these features:

  1. Support for downloading file attachments in an external web browser or download manager.

  2. Add a Copy Attachment Link command, so I can at least right-click and copy the URL of an attachment, then manually paste it into my download manager.

Either would be a huge help to RSSOwl users who regularly download videos and large MP3s from podcast feeds.

Thank you very much.

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