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    I turned on: "Delete read news" and "Mark selected news as read after 0

    Previously I used an external browser for reading the news. Recently I
    switched to the embedded browser in RSSOwl.

    The problem:

    When I click on a new item, it becomes read (because of "Mark selected news as
    read after 0 seconds") and opens in the embedded browser. I read a little bit
    of the content, do something else switching applications (the option "Mark
    news as read after minimize" is turned OFF), like checking e-mails, and then
    return to RSSOwl.

    The displayed item is then gone, because of the option "Delete read news" and
    despite it was opened in the embedded browser. I see then the next item, which
    is automatically selected (and marked as read).

    My suggestion:

    A read item must not be deleted, if it is currently displayed.

    Or an additional option like "Mark displayed news as read when switching NEWS
    (not feeds)" could be helpful: The current item is marked as read, only if I
    select another one.

    RSSOwl Version: 2.1

    Build Id: Beta

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas


    Any feedback on this issue? This bug is still there in final RSSOwl 2.1.

    If you don't watch out, it will successively delete all news of a feed!

  • The reason news get deleted is because of clean up during reload of the feed.
    So when you have this kind of setup and feeds get reloaded automatically, you
    will have your news deleted after a while. I can check for a fix in future
    versions, meanwhile I suggest changing your options or maybe switch to
    different layouts (newspaper, headlines) that dont automatically select the
    next news when one gets deleted.

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    ERROR! The markdown supplied could not be parsed correctly. Did you forget to surround a code snippet with "~~~~"?

    thanks for your quick response.
    The real problem is, that items, which are marked as read AND are displayed in
    the embedded browser, are getting deleted, before I can read them entirely.
    My RSSOwl looks like this: [](
    When I switch applications for a while, the current item will be deleted (and
    successively all following, if "Mark selected news as read after 0 seconds" is
    A check, if an item is currently displayed before deleting it, would solve the
    Basically there must be a separation between states "displayed" and "read"
    (especially when using the embedded browser). A displayed item doesn't mean,
    that it is already read.
  • Well for the user it doesnt make a difference if the item is displayed in the
    browser or just the content, it should not delete the current displayed news
    at all.

  • A release candidate of 2.1.1 is out including a fix for this (see

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    Awesome, thank you!

  • there is one limitation though, this currently does not work when you are
    using a saved search. still, if rssowl is minimized, rssowl can detect that a
    delete operation was likely not triggered from a user so it will not keep on
    selecting the next news.

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    Ed Gas

    Well, I tested it and I am a little bit disappointed, because the entry in the
    list gets still cleaned up. The only improvement/difference is that the next
    item is not selected automatically and the content of the current item remains
    in the embedded browser.

    I wished, the selected item in the list would remain, too. Then I could mark
    it back as unread, label or archive it.

    Though, I can find the item searching for it. It appears as unread and
    switching to read and then unread doesn't bring it back on the list. I can
    only move it to a bin to save it.

  • So you are using saved searches?

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    I'm using saved searches (I didn't test it in a saved search), but this issue
    can be observed also in usual feeds:

    I usually open a feed, select an entry in the list and let the content load in
    the embedded browser. I then switch applications via task bar and wait. After
    a while the entry is gone, but I can still see its content in the embedded

    I have "Show All News" on, but the entry is not there.

  • There are some remaining corner cases, that I can summarize as follows:

    • not supported for saved searches
    • only supported for the current active tab

    I guess in your case it was either a saved search or a feed in a non active

  • (non-active being a tab that is opened but not having focus, e.g. could be
    another browser tab or feed tab active)

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    I have only one tab opened.

    I just came back after a while and the entry was still there. But after I
    clicked in the task bar again, so that RSSOwl became minimized and then one
    more time to bring it back, the entry was gone. I tested it again and the
    entry was gone immediately.

    So the minimizing triggers a clean up, not a normal task switch. How is it
    implemented: Does the current tab lose focus, when user minimizes RSSOwl?

  • Yeap thats right, a minimize will trigger a clean up. I might be able to avoid
    clean up for the news entry that is selected instead of just avoiding it for
    the active feedview, that would also work for saved searches.

  • Indeed an oversight, the current feed would be cleaned up on tab switches or
    minimize of the application. The fix is surprisingly simple, I just ignore
    clean-ups to the selected news. Note that this kind of clean up was only ever
    performed when displaying normal feeds, not bins or searches.

  • Uploading a new version of 2.1.1 with latest changes now.

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    OK, thanks.

    The fix is surprisingly simple, I just ignore clean-ups to the selected

    That's what I was intending :)