Sync with Reedah

  • nuri

    nuri - 2013-06-25

    I tried to hexedit the SyncItem.class in org.rssowl.core_2.1.6.201212081830.jar, but it would not login.

    Would be good if someone takes a look who knows a little bit of java.

  • nuri

    nuri - 2013-06-26

    Found a new rss reader which uses the same API as google reader.

  • Djax

    Djax - 2013-06-27

    bazqux is not free.
    I made a rssowl build with reedah
    Windows x64 - use master password

    • nuri

      nuri - 2013-06-27

      Wow, 64bit rssowl, you should publish this somewhere, many-many thanks!
      (Seems Reedah won't be the ONE because it is painfully slow and getting timeout for nearly all my feeds)

      Bazqux is not free, true, but they have a 30 day trial, I'm willing to part with some money for this thing.

      Could I bother you to create a version which Bazqux?
      Just to see how it behaves compared to Reedah.
      (Would it be possible to get it in 32bit form too, pretty please with sugar on top?)

      • Djax

        Djax - 2013-06-28

        You're welcome. Looked at it. Mhh. Looks like Bazqux have not cloned the opml export.
        So its not just a url change. No time for that. Sorry

  • nuri

    nuri - 2013-06-27

    Too bad, their web interface could run laps around Reedah in terms of speed. I really wanted to have sync working.

    Many thanks for your effort looking into this!

    Last edit: nuri 2013-06-28

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