Portable version of RSSOwl 2 for Windows

  • wpp_dev

    wpp_dev - 2010-01-22


    I'm a winPenPack.com developer.

    winPenPack (http://www.winpenpack.com and http:/
    is a free and open source project aimed to spread the use of portable

    I'd like to signal you that we have developed a highly configurable platform
    for Windows (released under GNU General Public License) that allows to create
    portable versions of non natively portable programs, like RSSOwl, without any
    kind of modifications or reverse engineering made on program files and in
    compliance with original installation status.

    I hope the RSSOwl Portable package (called X-RSSOwl Portable) does not
    represent for you any kind of violation of program's license (I have noticed
    that RSSOwl is released under Eclipse Public License) and, in this case, I'm
    glad to post the link to X-RSSOwl Portable in winPenPack.com Format: http://w

    You have just to download the .zip archive, uncompress it and double-click on

    Obviously, any suggestion or feedback will be welcome! :)

    Technical details:

    1 - at X-RSSOwl first run, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is automatically
    downloaded and extracted in X-RSSOwl\Lib\Java\ folder (but only if JRE is not
    present in this directory). In this way anyone can use RSSOwl even if Java is
    not installed in the host pc;

    2 - the "-Duser.home" parameter has been set: all settings are stored in
    \User\RSSOwl.rssowl2 directory;

    3 - as between the various versions can be found large differences, automatic
    updates have been disabled.

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-04

    Cool, I think its fine :). You might also want to pass in the "-Dportable"
    parameter. What it does is that it disables the internet explorer cache for
    documents (unfortunately not yet for images). Thus, feeds looked at will not
    be cached at the host computer (except for images - if you know how to prevent
    IE from caching images, let me know).


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