Clicking on a saved search does not update

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-22

    In Google Reader, when you click on a saved search, it updates the list of
    items of that saved search. So if I read the Unread News search, then I can
    click on it, it updates the list and now the already read items are gone.

    RSSOwl does not do that. If I click on a saved search, nothing happens. I have
    to click on another saved search, then click back to get an update on the list
    of items. The Update button on the main toolbar also does not do anything.

    I wonder if you could add a refresh of the items, if a saved search is
    clicked. Since it is not used for any other purpose, it would be an easy
    feature to add.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-05-22

    The problem is:

    Suppose you have a Saved search just displaying unread / new articles.

    Suppose " Edit | Preferences | Feeds | Read | Mark as read after 0 Seconds" is

    So if you selected the first article in this view it would get marked as read,
    removed from this view, the next article would be selected, marked as read,
    removed from the view, …

    This is unintended behavior, so it isn't implemented.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-23

    I think you misunderstand a bit. What I'm suggesting is to update the list
    only when you click on the saved search folder, but not updating the
    list automatically on every item state update. My suggestion would not result
    in continous updates due to state changes at all.


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