CVS module name

  • Pete Zaitcev

    Pete Zaitcev - 2005-11-26

    Does anyone use CVS for getting the source? I am having a pecquliar problem here...

    The documentation page ( says:

    cvs -z3 co -P <i>modulename</i>

    OK, I thought, Ben forgot to change the common SF template. I checked out the CVSROOT, looked into CVSROOT/modules... nothing there. No modules. But CVS does not allow checkouts without a path or module.

    I looked at the 1.2 sourceball and it uses more than one directory. There are src/ usr/ doc/ etc. So, what is actually required to build the thing from CVS?

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Pete Zaitcev - 2005-11-26

      Being extra stupid here as usual: period appears to work fine. Who thought. :-)

      I think that "modulename" item needs to be changed for the benefit of the uninitiated.


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