Sync with Bazqux

  • nuri

    nuri - 2013-07-02

    Whoa, early christmas present!
    It now downloads the subscription list and syncs with Bazqux.

    Seriously thank you!
    (You should put these builds somewhere accessible.)

    1 tiny problem: it doesn't sync back the read items, or i did something wrong.

    Last edit: nuri 2013-07-02
    • Djax

      Djax - 2013-07-03

      You're welcome. Found the issue. Now it should sync back. Just download again.

      • nuri

        nuri - 2013-07-03

        Indeed it now syncs back, excellent work!

  • nuri

    nuri - 2013-07-11

    Message from Vladimir Shabanov, creator of Bazqux:
    I've fixed API to return no "alternate" (instead of empty array) when article contain no links. Probably it can fix this json error.
    Another thing with replacing all "google" to "bazqux" in hexedit. You need to leave "google" in ",2005" since it's how article ids are generated internally (only URLs must be changed).

  • Jose Fuentes

    Jose Fuentes - 2015-04-23


    I use Bazqux and I am looking for a desktop app for Windows 8 that "syncs" with RSSowl.

    I was told RSSowl would do the job, however after installing RSSowl I am lost where to go within the tool to set up Bazqux.

    Could you please point me to the steps to setup RSSowl to sync with my Bazqux? I would very much appreciate the help.


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