selanghiu - 2013-11-03

Dear developer:

It is said by MR bpasero that “I am no longer giving support for RSSOwl through e-mail. Please post your question to our public forums (”

So that I do so and post the original mail here to seek for help from you

I've spend lots of time to find one best RSS READER in the world. After try several tens of similar software , I found that your software is the most useful one for me.

It is both small and strong and can nearly meet my need in every corner,thank U so much for such one project.

While by the same time , I still have one small UI improve request about this software , I hope that it will not trouble you 2 much.

Here it is :is it possible to move the FEED LIST VIEW to the right of the "MAIN FEED CONTENT RAED VIEW" (OR make one setting to do this job)? It is hard for me to make the switch at this current view. I usually use the UP/DOWN ARROW to make the switch,the key is on my right side and the things it changed is on my left ,it is really feel strange in this situation.

I am not good at the eclipse plugin DEV .or else I will not trouble you for this issue . If you may spend some time to solve my question ,I can not tell you how much it will be to my daily life~

Thank you so much for all of this.