Looking for a freelance developer for RSSOwl

  • Geysse Nicolas

    Geysse Nicolas - 2008-07-29


    I'm looking for a Java developper or a company to work around RSSOwl.
    The purpose to this development is to get a lightweight version of RSSOwl, less memory consuming, and less functionalities. This will be used as a ticket system for a hotline.

    Basicaly, what I need is:
    -Open directly favorite/declared navigator on clic on the notifier(Firefox or IE)
    -preview of the RSS as simple of possible (just simple text),or even better, no preview of the message, just the list of RSS...
    -Simplifiy as much as possible RSSOwl, for having a very less consumming memory tool.

    If interested please contact me, with approximative price and delay to organize this job.

    Thank you


    • Geysse Nicolas

      Geysse Nicolas - 2008-07-31


      At the moment, the project is canceled...Because RSS Owl seems natively enough lightweight...

      Thank you


      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2008-07-31

        Cool! RSSOwl 1 or 2?



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