Omid - 2014-02-06

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's been working on RSSOwl.
I have been using it for several years now and I find it the most
feature-packed RSS reader around.

I think the following is a bug:
- If an image has a "tooltip" (a text that appears when one hovers the
mouse over the image) that is longer than the width of the screen,
the text is not wrapped; it runs out of the screen and there is no
way of reading it in RSSOwl. One has to open the article in an external
browser and read the text there. To reproduce, subscribe to xkcd
( and try looking at a comic with a long
tooltip (e.g., in RSSOwl.

Here are some feature requests:
+ As far as I know, currently there is no way to save an image from
inside RSSOwl. If one needs to save an image, one has to open the
page containing the image in an external browser. It would be great
if the context menu (right click) would show something like "Save
Image As..." for images or "Save Link Target As..." for other
files, just like a browser's context menu does.
+ As far as I know, currently there is no way to selectively open
links in an article in an external browser, nor is there an option
to "Copy Link Location". If links are set to open in the internal
browser in the Preferences, they all open in the internal browser.
For certain links in an article opening in the external browser is
more appropriate (because, e.g., one may want to bookmark it; or
make use of some browser plug-ins or addons on the page to which the
link refers). Again, it would be great if the context menu INSIDE AN
ARTICLE would offer "Open Link in External Browser" (or "Open Link
in Internal Browser" if External is one's default choice) and "Copy
Link Location". Currently the context menu only offers "Open Link in
External Browser" when right click is on THE ARTICLE TITLES.

Thank you,