New feature: Temporarily suspend/disable feed

  • Phani

    Phani - 2012-04-20


    I am using OWL for past 5 years and recently while cleaning up my feeds, I was
    trying to suspend/disable few feeds temporarily instead of deleting them. I
    realised this is not supported or am not able to find any alternatives.

    I am also interested to contribute (interms of coding) to this idea if anyone
    can guide me as this is first attempt looking at rssowl code. I have already
    checked out the source and can run RSSOWL from within eclipse(3.7.2) with the
    instructions given on the wiki.

    I have no experience with eclipse plugin structure so want to run it as normal
    java application, but could not find the main class. Could someone please give
    me a start point to proceed further.



  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-04-20

    To contribute:

    1. did you read ?
    2. RSSOwl is built on Eclipse RCP, so you can't start it with a "main class" (as a "normal" java application). You need to configure it as a Eclipse RCP project, Eclipse should then be able to start RSSOwl. It might be helpful to read some Eclipse RCP/plugin structure tutorials.
    3. You may try to contact the developer benjamin pasero, see . Maybe he can expand the wiki articles…
  • Phani

    Phani - 2012-04-20

    Thanks four your time. Yes I did go though that wiki page and high-level break
    down of modules. As you said need to pickup something tutorials on RCP.


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