solocheng - 2013-04-28

hi Benjamin Pasero

I read rss owl source code,the code is so cool.I tried to creat a new menu on coolbar,I have some confusion about actionset and commands in plug-ins file. as far as i know that we have two ways to creat a new menu.first configuring actionset and command in plugin.xml file , sedcond using CoolBarManager and ActionContributionItem .so my question : if i creat a new menu I have to write configuration in plugin.xml(actionset and command) and creat menu object by actioncontributionitem? I read some articles said that i just choose one of two ways that i mentioned ahead to create a menu. In other words
is it necessary to write ationset and command configurion in plugin.xml
when i creat a new menu?
BTW:I creat a new menu on coolbar if i do not configure actionset and command in plugin.xml,the new menu can show on the toolbar but i got the fellowing error in console.

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