Can rssowl be translate into other languages

  • BeaverXu

    BeaverXu - 2011-04-20

    I use rssowl everyday since lastday. Now i can`t live without it.

    So i really want to translate it to my language.

    I just want to ask how to do or do we have a plan?

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-20

    I might start another round of asking for translations with the next release.
    The amount of words to translate is large enough though that people tend to
    stop helping me out (that happened last time).

  • BeaverXu

    BeaverXu - 2011-04-20

    Don`t worry i will do my job. I really like the project.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2011-04-20

    (that happened last time).

    When was that?

    I would like to help you too (Translating to German)


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