RSSOWL will not install or build on RHEL 3

  • David Dudek

    David Dudek - 2005-03-18

    Whenever I try to install RSSOWL on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 3, I get the following error:

    [dudek@hal9000 rssowl]$ sudo rpm -ivh rssowl_linux-1.0.2-0.2.i586.rpm

    error: Failed dependencies:
    jre1.4.x is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.2 is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.2 is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.2

    I have the following related RPMs installed:

    Here is my $PATH:

    What am I missing?

    • David Dudek

      David Dudek - 2005-03-28

      The latest RPM (rssowl-1.1-0.1.i586.rpm) works! Thank you!

      *** Note to other people trying to get the Linux version to work:

      Make sure that after it is installed, you set the environment variables as described at:

      Note that if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is undefined, then the command is:


    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-03-20

      This is a problem with the spec-file included in the RPM release. With upcoming RSSOwl 1.1 the RPMs should work with Java5.


    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-03-20

      Thanks to RSSOwl's RPM packager that just gave me a new RPM that should work with Java5.

      David, could you please download and try this new RPM?
      Find it here:




    • David Dudek

      David Dudek - 2005-03-22

      It's still not working, but it is a little better:

      error: Failed dependencies: is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.3 is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.3

      At least I'm not getting the " jre1.4.x is needed by rssowl-1.0.2-0.2" error.

    • David Dudek

      David Dudek - 2005-03-22

      What are libcairo and libjawt anyhow? I just did an "advanced" RPM search at:

      I looked for RPMs that provided those so's for all distributions. I found only one RPm for only one distribution for libcairo and nothing at all for libjawt.

      • Benjamin Pasero

        Benjamin Pasero - 2005-03-22

        Hm, Cairo is used to allow native 2D-graphic transformations and was added with SWT 3.1 Milestone 5. That lib AWT sounds like the bridge SWT<->AWT.

        Well, neither of those are required by RSSOwl, not sure why the error is given out.

        I am going to ask Kay on that.


    • Kay Patzwald

      Kay Patzwald - 2005-03-23


      everything is ok on your system. It was a problem with automatic dependencies:

      I create a new RPM and it should work now.
      - no automatic dependencies
      - jre1.5 should be accepted



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