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  • w1n78

    w1n78 - 2006-08-26

    i'm using rssowl on os x. i've used thunderbird but the rss part is so unstable. anyways, i'm trying to see if i can do the following:

    • how do i display the whole feed rather than a summary of it?

    • when i close with the red(x) or apple + w, is there a way to minimize it rather than it quit the app?

    • is there a way to manually delete feeds and manually keep certain ones?

    • Anonymous - 2006-08-26
      • You can turn on "Open any News automatically in Browser" in "General" Preferences to directly go to the website of the article. If thats not what you are looking for, try View > Display Newsfeed as HTML when you opened the Feed

      • You could assign a hotkey to minimize RSSOwl when hitting apple+w in General > Hotkeys

      • Not yet. This is planned



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