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  • william

    william - 2011-08-07

    I am so used to being able to go offline when I need to, such as in
    Thunderbird, etc. etc. (little icon at lower left corner of app)

    How can I do this in RSSOwl?

    Often I need to do something, e.g. management, etc. but right in the middle of
    the operation 100 new feeds come in.


  • Anonymous - 2011-08-08

    Not possible, sorry.

  • william

    william - 2011-08-08

    Oh, I can't believe that.

    As a programmer of 25 years, the words 'Not Possible' just fall short.

    I would be cool with, 'Not enough time'.

    The program checks for new feeds, by default, every 30 minutes.

    Seems pretty straight forward to 'not' check for new messages if a certain
    condition exists.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-08

    Hehe, I did not mean to say "technically not possible", rather "not possible
    in the current version of RSSOwl". Yes, technically not so hard to implement.
    Not planned yet though.

  • william

    william - 2011-08-08

    Thanks, it's all good.

    Maybe something to consider at a future date, as suspending downloads would be

    Thunderbird has the little icon in the lower left, which oddly enough once you
    click on it doe not allow you to cancel the operation, only the option to
    perform a download check before going offline.

    Owl is Great...


  • Faust Bargain

    Faust Bargain - 2011-08-08

    I've been asking for this feature literally for years, and I'm glad to finally
    see someone else second my request. The lack of this critical feature is one
    of the reasons I no longer use RSS Owl on a regular basis, since it pretty
    much prevents me from running anything else while RSS Owl is loaded. You
    should really consider making this a priority.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-08

    So is this about disabling notification of RSSOwl when 100 news come in or not
    reloading to keep network use down?

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-08

    (e.g. having some kind of a quite-mode where you would not be notified from
    tray or popup if new news come in vs. not reloading any feed or downloading
    any attachment when being in this mode)

  • william

    william - 2011-08-08

    Temporarily ceasing all network incoming messages: offline verses online.

    No downloads. Checkout Thunderbird for example - icon in bottom lower left of
    status bar

  • Faust Bargain

    Faust Bargain - 2011-08-09

    Oh, heck, I disabled notification eons ago, in a feeble attempt to regain CPU
    cycles. This is all about being able to turn off automatic feed updating. And
    it's not about network usage, at least in my case. It's about CPU usage and
    disk access. When feeds are being automatically updated, RSSOwl pretty much
    freezes up. I can hit the cancel update button, but it takes a minute or more
    for the update to actually cease. And of course I can't really effectively run
    anything else when RSSOwl goes into auto update mode.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-09

    I think something like that wont be part of the official product unless its
    really polished (e.g. detecting network online/offline) but I can think of an
    extension (=addon) that can stop feed updating when rssowl is put into an
    offline mode.

    Ah, and instead of ranting, what about donating to the project once this addon
    is out ;)

  • william

    william - 2011-08-09

    This is really a very simple item, I don't see the reasoning behind not
    wanting to implement it.

    When the timer function is ready to update the feeds, check the state of the
    online/offline button, and just don't update if the button state reflects the
    offline condition desired by the operator.

    Forget about detecting network status - you're over thinking it.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-09

    RSSOwl 2.1.x is feature frozen because translation started, there is no way
    this can make it into 2.1.x. An addon is possible as translation does not
    cover addons. Thats the process.

  • william

    william - 2011-08-09

    Understood... thank you.

    Just to summarize (for the next dev cycle):

    This requested feature simply exits (or never enters) the updating process
    without requesting or loading feeds. Nothing more.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-09

    Yes that should easily be doable as an addon. I will take a look over the

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-13

    RSSOwl 2.1.2 is out and you can install the new "Offline" addon from Tools >

  • william

    william - 2011-08-15

    Hi and Thanks for your hard work.


    The 'Offline' add on is not available to install.

    message: 'Offline Mode (1.0.0) requires plug-in "org.rssowl.ui (2.1.2)", or
    later version.'

    I've updated everything I can find to the latest & greatest.

    What am I doing wrong?

    !SESSION 2011-08-15 07:59:03.622



    java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.

    BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=en_US

    Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86

    !ENTRY org.rssowl.ui 1 0 2011-08-15 07:59:04.403

    !MESSAGE RSSOwl Starting Up (RSSOwl/ (Windows; U; en))

    !ENTRY org.rssowl.ui 1 0 2011-08-15 08:02:58.023

    !MESSAGE Error Log Exported

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-15

    You are not using 2.1.2 but 2.1.0, you need to install 2.1.2 at minimum

  • william

    william - 2011-08-15


    I click on 'Check for updates' and it says I have the latest version installed

    • I'd include a screen shot but I don't see how to do that.
      So what's up with the update feature?
  • william

    william - 2011-08-15


    Went to download page - Install update OK

    "Go Offline" --> Very Cool.

    Many thanks for all your hard work

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-15

    Yes, the update manager is known to behave weird sometimes, you can safely
    download and run 2.1.2 from a fresh installation.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-15

    (btw you can also assign a keybinding for this action in Preferences)

  • william

    william - 2011-08-15

    Yes - it's wonderful -- I'm already using it.

    Perhaps if you get enough positive feedback it will be worth your time to make
    it part of core - and make a toolbar button.

    Again - thank you so much !!

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-15

    Yeap a toolbar button is a good idea for the future.

  • william

    william - 2012-11-12

    I just updated to 2.1.4 and I don't see any way to stop the auto updating of feeds.
    What happened to the online/offline option?

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