General Question about "clean-up":

  • M K

    M K - 2013-03-21

    Sometimes it takes a long time for me to watch / read the feeds. This means, that some feed links lead to the middle of nowhere because the corresponding cast has already been deleted from the internet by the publisher.

    Is there a way that RSSOwl checks itself, wether the feeds (shown in the RSSOwl window) are still leading to a podcast / vodcast etc.?


    Let's assume, I subscribed for "BBC whatsoever". RSSOwl shows me the results as "Episode 1", "Episode 3", "Episode 4" and so forth.

    Let's assume "Episode 1" is no longer available on the internet because it has been deleted from the internet by the publisher.

    Can RSSOwl manage to delete those entries (like "Episode 1") from the list of results on an automated basis without interfering by the user?

    I am not looking for a clean-up wizard, that cleans every feed after a certain period of time (by preference of the user).

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-21

    interesting feature!


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