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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all, I hope others find this useful.

    I installed RSSOwl as per the Ubuntu Starter Guide, and I couldn't use the internal browser (as in the preview pane shows no formatting and ugly HTML tags).

    I found the "fix" in the preferences.

     Tools > Preferences > View
     then under "Misc", check "View Newstext in Browser"

    This isn't set by default for whatever reason.

    -Trini Triggs

    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-05-21

      Good to hear that its working!

      Btw this setting is by default TRUE, but only since version 1.0.

      An even faster way to switch on internal Browser is Ctrl+B


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      But can I have the "view newstext in browser" option on and still have links open in an external browser? I've fiddled with the browser options, and this doesn't seem possible.


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